2016 Movie Cast RecordingAnsalongAnyhow, Anyhow
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Betty HapschattBitchin' In The KitchenBrad Majors
Breaking OutCallback Script VT 2011 EditionCarte Blanche
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ColumbiaCosmo McKinleyDammit, Janet
Denton, U.S.A.Don't Dream It, Be ItDr. Scott
Duel DuetEddieEddie's Teddy
Emily WeissFarley's SongFarley Flavors
Floor ManagerFrank-N-FurterFrank-N-Furter Through the years
Glee Cast RecordingHarry WeissHot Patootie
I'm Going HomeI'm a MotherI Want to Get my Own Back
In My Own WayIrwin LapseyJanet Weiss
Judith BrankmireJudy Judy JudyKirk
Little Black DressLittle Old Heart Stopping MeLook What I Did To My Id
Looking For TradeLord De LordyLove at First Sight
LullabyMacy StruthersMagenta
Mary LouMe Of MeMovie Cast Recording
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Neely PrittNever Let Your Daughter Date an AlienNew Broadway Cast Recording
No Hiding PlaceOliver WrightOnce In a While
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PhantomsPlanet Schmanet, JanetRalph Hapschatt
Ray AmmboRevenge of the Old QueenRichard Hartley
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Sword of DamoclesThank God I'm a ManThe Brad and Janet Show
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The Rocky Horror Glee ShowThe Rocky Horror Picture ShowThe Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again
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Time WarpTouch-a-Touch-a-Touch-a-Touch MeVance Parker
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