Orgasm Contest

The classic competition of Virgin shouting, where each Virgin is asked to give their best fake orgasm. The original version is entertaining enough, but variations have included:

  • Best Charlie Sheen orgasm (winning!)
  • Japanese characters drawn from a hat (Goku, Hello Kitty, et cetera)

Cookie Monster

Based on the hit song,[1] a few pairs of Virgins are brought up on stage. One is placed on the floor, lying down, crotch towards the partner; the other is blindfolded and, ideally, has their hands loosely bound behind their backs.

At this point, some shuffling may occur; for example, if it seems like one couple knows each other well, it's standard to swap their partner for someone else. Thus does Rocky Horror help people make new friends.

A cookie is then placed upon the crotch of each Virgin on the floor. Once the music begins, the blindfolded Virgins are told to eat the cookie off the crotch of the person in front of them, with no hand usage by either party. (Generally, it's good manners to help the hand-bound Virgins to their knees first, rather than letting them fall over.)

Variations may include other consumable objects in place of cookies. One version involved not saying anything about the 'no-hands' stipulation - and at the end of the game, the MC said, essentially, "wow - I never said you couldn't use hands, you sluts". Tongue in cheek, of course.

  1. "C is for Cookie"